Cattle Call Toy Australian Shepherd's

Gerri Stanfill
P.O. Box 279
Terrebonne, Oregon 97760
Phone: 541-480-4872

Cattle Call Toy Australian Shepherd Purchase Agreement.

This Puppy/Dog is a purebred Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd.  Cattle Call
Aussie's’ is a Registered Kennel name. The first word on the Registered name
of this Puppy/ Dog will start with Cattle Call.

The breeder/Seller reserves the right to refuse sale of any of our Puppy/Dog's
to anyone.  The breeder/Seller reserves the right to refuse sale of said
Puppy/Dog to the purchaser should the purchaser decide not to keep the
Puppy/Dog.  The breeder/Seller will supply up to date health record
information to the buyer at the time of transfer of Puppy/Dog along with
registration application papers.  All puppies are structure evaluated, the eyes
are examined by a Board certified Ophthalmologist, and temperament tested
during the eighth week of age.  At this time the puppy's selected as pets’ are to
be spayed and neutered when they are 5 to 6 months of age and or have their
permanent teeth.  The Breeder/Seller guarantee's the Puppy/Dog to be in
sound health and free of any known contagious diseases at time of purchase
and upon the Buyers receipt of this Puppy/Dog.  Breeder/Seller guarantees’
Puppy/Dog for 72 hours from when the Purchaser takes possession of this
Puppy/Dog to be in good health.  The buyer agrees that during this 72-hour
time to have said Puppy/Dog examined by a licensed veterinarian.  Should
Buyer fail to have this Puppy/Dog checked by a licensed Veterinarian within
the 72-hour time this health guarantee is void.  If said Puppy/Dog was to be
found in poor health, upon a written statement from a licensed Veterinarian,
Buyer will have two options:

1: To keep said Puppy/Dog assuming all costs for its care.
2: Return said Puppy/Dog at buyers expense for a full refund upon the
Breeder/Seller's  receipt of the veterinarian's written statement.

These provisions expire 72 hours from the time the Purchaser receives said
Puppy/Dog in their possession.

The breeder/Seller has vaccinated this Puppy/Dog as required for its age at the
time of this purchase agreement.

Breeder/Seller guarantees’ said Puppy/Dog up to two years of age (24 months
from the birth date of said Puppy/Dog) for genetic heath defects.

Health Guarantee:
The breeder/Seller agrees to replace said Puppy/Dog with a Puppy/Dog of
equal value within a 12-month period (this 12-month period is to give
Breeder/Seller adequate time for new litters to arrive), once they obtain a
written and signed statement from two Licensed Veterinarians from two
different clinics should Puppy/Dog obtain one of the following Genetic Defects.

1: Failure to receive a passing rating on the hip's from the Orthopedic
Foundation for Animal's (OFA) or Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program
(Penn HIP)
2; Failure to receive a normal reading from Canine Eye Registration Foundation
3: They must discover Health Genetic conditions due to genetic health
problems by 24 months of age from the birth date of the Puppy/Dog. They must
submit this with a written statement from (2) two different Licensed
Veterinarians from two different clinics certifying that said Puppy/Dog is
suffering from one of the following:
Thyroid Disease, Epilepsy, Immune Suppression.

Should Puppy/Dog be found to have one of the stated above Buyer may then
do one of the following:

A: The buyer may keep the Puppy/Dog with a refund of half the purchase price
of said Puppy/Dog.
B: Return said Puppy/Dog to Breeder/Seller at the Buyers expense, for a
replacement Puppy/Dog of equal value at the Breeder/Seller's discretion. At
this time the Buyer will sign all registration papers over to Breeder/Seller.
C: If said Puppy/Dog had to be put down due to these defects, once a written
statement from a licensed veterinarian has been provided to Breeder/Seller.

The breeder/Seller will replace said puppy within a 12-month period to give
Breeder/Seller adequate time for a future litter to arrive to replace said
Puppy/Dog with a Puppy/Dog of equal value at Breeder/Sellers discretion.  At
this time Buyer will return all Registration paper's of said Puppy/Dog to the

The breeder/Seller makes no guarantees regarding the loss of said Puppy/Dog
for accidental death, theft, sickness due to lack of vaccination's, etc. Any
sickness not related to Genetics, or any loss beyond the Breeder/Sellers
control except as stated above.

This sales contract is non-transferable. Should the Buyer decide to sell said
Puppy/Dog at any  time. The Breeder/Seller has the first right to purchase said

Should the buyer relinquish the ownership of said Puppy/Dog, This contract
shall be deemed null and void.

Shipping Cost's:
Buyer agrees to pay all costs to ship said Puppy/Dog.
1.: Crate to ship Puppy/Dog .
2: The cost of the Vet health check and health certificate.
3: The total cost for the Air Fare to ship the Puppy/Dog

Buyer Must have all funds for said Puppy/Dog paid for in full to Breeder/Seller
10 day's prior to shipping and/or pick up or delivery. Buyer agrees that if funds
for shipping and purchase are not received within the ten days of purchase
agreement, unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing
by both parties, the Buyer will forfeit all rights to the Puppy/Dog.
Breeder/Seller will retain the
$250.00 deposit.

Breeder/Seller reserves the right that in the event Breeder/Seller should decide
to discontinue breeding Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds this contract
will become null and void.

The Buyer has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts of
this contract constitute a binding agreement with the Breeder/Seller and the
Buyer.  Buyer agree's that this contract is not transferable.  If either the
Breeder/Seller or the Buyer takes legal action regarding this contract, action
shall be initiated in the county of the Breeder/Seller's residence.

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